Whether it be items in your closet, or pieces for your home, we believe that style should be timeless. While Moroccan home décor tends to develop has a distinct aesthetic in one’s mind, our collections transcend preconceived notions of what the Moroccan ‘style’ is, and highlight a variety of artisanal techniques, natural materials, and modern designs as implemented by the country’s leading creatives. We are thrilled to present our discerning client with a harmonious collection of old and new, that lends itself seamlessly to each individual style.


Authenticity is at the heart of what we do. Each Tighemi piece is hand-sourced in Morocco by our team, who work directly with a high-profile network of creatives and artisans. These frequent sourcing trips allow us to connect meaningfully with our partners in Morocco, and understand where and how each piece came to be.


Tighemi is a result of our Founders’ many years of travel to Morocco, where they explored and experienced as passionate tourists. It is during these travels that their senses were ignited by the incredible craft that surrounded them. Morocco strikes a captivating balance of flourishing as a modern country, but retaining their culture that is steeped in tradition. On the streets of Marrakech, you will see carpenters hand-carving doors, weavers working on looms, ironworkers hammering lanterns, and leathercrafters dying hides. These artisanal ways of creating, in tandem with the community of modern designers and their visions, served as foundational inspiration for Tighemi.